Photographic Art
and Creative Images

Michael Kucsmas

 ​Yellowstone Roosevelt Corral​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Wrangler  Posters

 The  Roosevelt  Corrals  are  Yellowstone  icons  right  alongside  geysers  and  grizzlies.  I  see  these  as  a  new  appreciation  of  America's  first  National  Park.
  1. Managing Director
    Chuck in the Horse Run
  2. Managing Director
    Cody and the Buffalo
  3. Managing Director
    Roosevelt Chuck Wagon
  4. Managing Director
    Cowboy Coffee
  5. Managing Director
    Jarred and Devin
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
    Draft Horses and Stage Coaches
  8. Managing Director
    Draft Horses Under a Dark Sky
  9. Managing Director
    Saddle Chute and Draft Horses
  10. Managing Director
    Draft Team (Canyon)
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. Managing Director
    Yellowstone Passenger Stage Coach
  16. Managing Director
    Draft Team
  17. Managing Director
    Pleasant Valley Cookout
  18. Managing Director
    Draft Horses in Stable
  19. Managing Director
    Pleasant Valley Stage Coaches 2
  20. Managing Director
    Roosevelt Wranglers 2017
  21. Managing Director
    Hay Barn
  22. Managing Director
    Pleasant Valley Stage Coaches 1
  23. Managing Director
  24. Managing Director
    Saddle and Blanket
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The Roosevelt Corrals, Yellowstone​​​​​​​​​​​
The history...

I like poster art. It not only shows a picture of something, but it also adds words or a description to a picture. Say the word “posters” and I think of old circus posters or music posters of the 60’s. Or I think of pre-WW II French and UK posters which advertised in big ornate letters and mini-stories. All the good stuff in art, in my opinion, is in a poster. Good stuff, as in color, typeface, human faces, people, animals, landmarks, words, names, design; it’s all there.

I’m enamored with the American west and the history and brand of the old West and its familiar stranger, the cowboy. I was invited a little further into this cowboy realm when in 2017, I received the opportunity to go live and work for six months at Yellowstone National Park. I stepped into a very near-perfect setting to take photographs of a place that is hidden beneath the radar of most who travel to Yellowstone; The Roosevelt Corrals. Thousands of visitors travel to the corrals from all parts of the world to take saddle rides, or to ride behind the star attraction, the stage Coaches drawn by teams of Belgians or Percherons. Drivers would take excursionists on stage coaches down a road sometimes thick with herds of bison through valleys near the Yellowstone River to a spot for a cookout with music and tall-tales told by some pretty good wrangler story-tellers. For six months I lived with horses and wranglers. I made many new friends through my camera lens and through music. I took lots of photos. 

I’m now presenting many of these best photos as high quality, original, photographic posters in homage to that place, the people and those “big dogs” of the “Yellowstone Roosevelt Corrals”.